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An interview with Nakai San on Tools

What are the tools you use most often in repair?

Various tools frequently various, it’s a very difficult question isn’t it?

In particular, what kind of tools do you use ?

Yes, I use most of the tools.

Is it on the market when you want some tools?

I feel like using something that isn’t special

What kind of tool would you like to have?

Well depends

Do you wear Safety shoes?

No, I don’t, it’s annoying

Would you be interesting owning a Nike or Adidas safety shoes if they have one?

Yes, I would.

What kind of tools do you have when you travel abroad?

I bring the tools I need.

Is it better to use the tools you are familiar with rather than tools people provide on the site?

That’s easier for me, no hassle to find.

What do you think about OSK Tools?

They are very fashionable and trending. It’s very interesting to make something like this in this era.

"Basically, until the day I quit will be the day I pass away, I want to be remembered as having worked right up until the end."

Released on 2023-04-26|Last updated on 2023-05-30 | 457

OSK Tools-Wrench Brand

Phone: +1 949 372 2831(Click to call)

Facebook:OSK Tools(Click to visit)

FB Messenger:OSK Tools(Click to DM)

Service Time: 09:00-18:00 on weekdays

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